Left Turn Accident Hurts Motorcyclist on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota

A left hand turn turns into a tragedy for a motorcyclist early this morning.  According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, 28 year old Bradley Williams was hit while riding his motorcycle eastbound on Bee Ridge Road.  25 year old Jennifer Honea was heading west and made a left turn into his path.  Her Hyundai struck Williams' Harley Davidson in the crash.  Reports say Bradley Williams was flown to a trauma center and is in serious condition.

Making a left turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can make on the road because they're crossing into the path of oncoming traffic.   And when a driver pulls out in front of a motorcyclist, the injuries to the biker are usually very serious because there's just no time for the rider to stop or swerve. That's why drivers making a left turn have a responsibility to make sure their path is clear to cross.

In 2010 improper left hand turn accidents caused 32 deaths and 3,334 injuries, according to a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report.  In fact, improper turns were the 10th leading cause of traffic deaths in Florida that year.  And drivers between the ages of 20-29 were involved in the most number of accidents overall.

It's so important to contact an attorney immediately after a motorcycle accident like this one, even if the case seems open and shut about who was negligent.  The charges against the driver are just the beginning.  What is of most importance to the victim is dealing with the other driver's insurance company.  That's where a long and complicated process begins to make sure that the investigation focuses on the victim's needs and not on the insurance company's red tape. 

If you have any questions about your rights after an accident like this, please contact us at (941) 923-7700 or fill out our online form.  We'll get in touch with you immediately to talk about the details of your situation 

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