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    Sarasota School Bus Accident Lawyers

    Bus Accidents

    If you are the parent of a student hurt in a school bus crash in Sarasota or Bradenton, the first thing you should do is document your child’s injuries. This includes taking photos or video of every bruise, scratch and mark that resulted from the school bus crash. This will become important evidence in your case.

    How School Bus Accidents Are Different From Other Types Of Vehicle Accidents

    When children are injured in a school bus crash, the legal process involved is different and more complicated than in a typical car accident case. That’s because county government agencies like the school board are protected by something called “sovereign immunity.” That means that the county may not be sued in the same way as a citizen or business.

    Here’s what’s different about school bus accidents:

    • There are additional legal steps that must be taken to preserve the claim of children injured in a bus crash, such as filing procedural notices.
    • You should know that the amount that can be recovered in these types of cases is capped by Florida Law.
    • If school bus accident litigation is not handled correctly and in strict compliance with the laws that deals with suing a county government, the claims can be barred forever and your children may never recover the damages they deserve for their injuries.

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    The bus accident attorneys at Buckman and Buckman P.A., have a lot of experience suing the county—in fact, we obtained the largest verdict against the Manatee County School Board in the last 20 years. Experience really does matter in complex cases against county governments.

    If your child has been hurt in a school bus accident recently, you should talk to an attorney experienced with these types of cases immediately. For a free evaluation, contact Buckman and Buckman, P.A..