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Contract Law

Florida Contract Law

The first rule of contract law for our clients is “never sign something you don’t understand.” A written contract is the best way to protect your company’s financial interests, and our attorneys can make sure you know what you’re signing. Getting an agreement in writing between parties is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and future legal problems. It clarifies everyone’s expectations in a business arrangement and creates proof of the agreement. At Buckman and Buckman, P.A., we can help you draft a well-written contract with the correct legal terms to protect your business.

Contract Review

A contract review is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to protect your business. Often contracts taken from generic forms are unenforceable because they weren’t written correctly or they don’t apply to Florida state laws. That’s why it’s always best to create a contract that is specific to your business needs as a way to prevent future litigation. Our attorneys can write or review contracts for most business agreements, including:

  • Real Estate Sales or Purchase Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Operating Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Homeowners Association Deed Restrictions
  • Product Licensing

Never sign something you don’t understand.

Breach of Contract

Buckman and Buckman, P.A., business lawyers represents clients in breach of contract litigation. These types of lawsuits happen when one party doesn’t hold up their end of an agreement or there’s a disagreement between the parties. Breach of contract litigation asks the court to determine if the basic requirements of the contract were fulfilled or even if the contract was fundamentally unfair.