Executive & High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Sarasota

Executive and High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce When A Business Is Owned By Spouses

Divorce is a difficult process made even more complicated if you and your spouse own a business together. If the business was acquired while you were married, it will be considered marital property and can be subject to division. Your business will likely be appraised for its value and you will want an attorney to help you defend that valuation in court. The valuation of the business will be determined based on longevity, net worth, earnings potential, comparison with other similar businesses, and stocks and dividends if they exist. Our business law team will help you decide if you want to keep owning the business together, if one person wants to buy the other out, or if you want to sell the business and split the proceeds.

High Net-Worth Divorce

When one or both spouses are high-level executives or millions of dollars are at stake, divorces become more complicated. Emotions run high when a marriage ends, but that shouldn’t determine how assets are divided. Salaries are one element, but executives often also receive a number of perks and shares of the company, which are considered part of the marital estate in many cases.

Our firm can help you with all aspects of executive divorce including:

  • Salary and bonuses
  • Valuation of financial assets, including stocks, bonds, 401 (k)s, etc.
  • Identifying marital and non-marital assets
  • Outstanding Debts
  • Car, travel and vacation allowances
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Real estate investments
  • Tax planning