Franchise Business Law

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Franchise Business Law

Franchise Agreements

The business lawyers at Buckman and Buckman, P.A., can help you choose, negotiate, and set up a franchise or distribution business. We also represent you in litigation when a franchise corporation doesn’t follow through on their contractual agreement.

Buying a Franchise

When buying a franchise, you’re required by law to receive a franchise disclosure document from the Federal Trade Commission. The document is lengthy and can be confusing, but you must understand what it includes because there are restrictions you have to abide by. The experienced business lawyers at Buckman and Buckman, P.A., can advise you on the franchise contract, make you aware of state laws, and help you decide what type of business entity to create for the franchise.

Each franchise agreement is different, but we can help you understand all of the provisions including those dealing with site selection, insurance, daily operations, advertising, design, market area, and renewal or termination. Your entire business hinges on your franchise agreement, so it’s best to get legal advice before you sign anything.

Franchise Litigation

Buckman and Buckman, P.A., handles mediation and arbitration for franchising clients who have disputes with a franchising company or dealership. If we can’t help our clients find a solution to a franchising dispute, then we aggressively litigate to protect their contractual rights. Our lawyers are experienced in trying cases in federal and state courts, with class action lawsuits, in multi-district litigation, and in cases of unfair trade practices. Our goal is to ensure our clients are getting what was promised to them by large franchising corporations.