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    Creating a Simple Will in Florida

    A simple will is just that: Simple. It is a document that tells people how to handle your assets and property after your death. If your estate planning doesn’t involve a lot of property, family trusts, guardianship issues or tax matters, a simple will may be all you need.

    Why Do I Need a Will?

    Without a will, the state of Florida will decide how your estate is handled and who gets what. Your family can dispute this with the courts, but this can be difficult and would certainly require costly legal representation. Investing in a solid will now could save your family time, money and frustration later.

    Can I Write My Own Simple Will?

    “If a will is a simple document, why can’t I write my own or use a form from the internet?” There are websites that offer you fill in the blank Will templates for a small fee. The problem with these is that every state has different estate laws that aren’t covered by the one size fits all forms. For example, Florida has very detailed requirements for how a will is documented and filed. Filling out a blank form isn’t enough.

    We believe every Will should be customized to your very specific situation by an attorney. A Will is one of the most important documents you’ll create in your lifetime. Doing it right the first time will help your family during time that is already difficult enough.

    Contact Our Sarasota Simple Will Attorneys

    At Buckman and Buckman, P.A., we charge clients a flat rate of $399 to create a Simple Will. We’re also glad to review your existing out-of-date Estate Planning documents and Wills from another state, free of charge. Contact Florida estate planning lawyers Buckman and Buckman, P.A., today at (941) 923-7700 or through our online form to secure your family’s future.

    The Fee to Create a Simple Will is $399. Get More Information

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