Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything other than recovery and rehabilitation. You may have serious concerns about when you will be able to return to work, how you will be able to pay your medical bills, and how you can repair or replace a damaged vehicle or other personal property.

You may also find yourself pressured by an insurance company to settle a claim quickly, and you may not know where to turn for help.

At Buckman & Buckman, P.A., our Sarasota personal injury lawyers want to help you seek the compensation you deserve and the recovery time you need. Our accident lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to fight for you.

After an accident that was someone else’s fault, you should not have to struggle to pay your bills or make up for lost income. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you will find the assistance you need to get back on your feet and move on with your life after an accident.

Here are some of the ways our firm provides exceptional service and results for injured people across the state.

It’s Free Unless We Win Compensation for You

Cost is one of the biggest reasons injured people do not hire an attorney even if they know that they need one. Following a serious accident, there are enough expenses to worry about without having to worry about the cost of an attorney.

Experienced attorneys should make the process of recovery easier for injured clients, not more challenging and expensive. That is why when you hire a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury accident case, there are five essential services your lawyer should be willing to do on your behalf:

  1. Consultation or case evaluation. You should not have to pay for discussing your case with an attorney.  
  2. Investigate your case. Without knowing the specific details surrounding your accident, an attorney cannot have a clear picture of who was truly at fault and the full extent of your losses. A qualified lawyer should take the time to learn what happened and how they can help.
  3. Help replace your wrecked car, motorcycle, or bike. Personal injury cases often have unforeseen costs, including property damage and the potential loss of your vehicle in the accident. Your attorney should do what it takes to get your life back to normal after your accident, including helping you secure money to fix or replace your damaged vehicle.
  4. Help you get paid for lost wages. After a car crash, motorcycle wreck, or any other serious accident, it is necessary to take time for recovery. When your injuries cause you to miss work, you are missing out on money that you need for medical bills and other expenses. It is your attorney’s job to help you compensation for lost wages.
  5. Get paid only if they win your case. Your lawyer’s job is to fight for the compensation you need following an accident. If they are unable to deliver results, you should not be on the hook for their services. That is why at Buckman & Buckman, P.A. you do not owe our personal injury lawyers a cent in legal fees if we do not obtain results for you.

At Buckman & Buckman, P.A., we provide the services listed above free of charge. We don’t want to fail to come to someone’s aid just because they cannot afford it, which is why our services are free unless we win money for your case.

Experience and Connections

Especially if they have never filed a lawsuit before, many of our clients come to us with no idea where to begin their cases. It is frustrating to believe that you are owed compensation for an injury, but not know where to turn for help with the often confusing and complicated legal process.

In this case, an attorney’s experience can work to your advantage. Not only does an experienced attorney have useful skills from years of legal practice, but also the resources to investigate the accident, talk to witnesses, consult with experts, and build a strong case on your behalf.  

Our firm has been serving the Sarasota and Manatee communities since 1998, and we have decades of combined legal experience as a result. Our attorneys also work with experts to make sure we are keeping up with current trends and serving our clients to the best of our abilities. These connections make it easier for an attorney to work with other lawyers and insurance representatives in court when it is necessary. An extensive base of resources is just one of many benefits that come with hiring a qualified Sarasota personal injury lawyer like those at Buckman & Buckman, P.A.

Personal Attention

A serious accident can feel both overwhelming and devastating when it occurs. However, in the aftermath of an accident, it is also common to feel isolated and alone in your struggle. The attorneys at Buckman & Buckman, P.A. realize how alienating an injury can be, especially if it prevents you from going to work or participating in your regular activities. We understand what it feels like to have nowhere to turn, which is why we are dedicated to providing personalized legal services that fit your needs.

At many law firms, clients come in for an initial meeting with their attorney and then never see that person again. We want to provide the exact opposite experience for you by working alongside you to build your case every step of the way. Every personal injury accident is different, and we are interested in learning about your needs and how we can help you. Also, we recognize that there is not only one way to obtain results for you. Whether you are interested in a settlement, a trial, or an alternative resolution, we can help you reach your goals.

A Fresh Perspective

If you are coming in for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, you or a loved one has probably been through a traumatic event. Our lawyers recognize and respect that pain. Whether you are viewing your injury case with anger, sadness, or understandable frustration, an attorney can offer an objective perspective on a difficult situation. It’s hard enough to feel the pain of an accident without having to deal with the challenges of a claim for compensation. Allowing an attorney to provide a fresh set of eyes can be just what you need to stop stressing and focus on your recovery.

The Ability to Negotiate

Personal injury attorneys have the experience required to negotiate with other individuals on your behalf. This skill is important when handling insurance companies, corporations, and any other entity that may be responsible for your losses. Our lawyers are not intimidated by large corporations or other attorneys, and we are prepared to fight and negotiate for you both in and out of the courtroom.

After an accident, many insurance companies will offer you a particular settlement and claim they cannot give you more money than the settlement amount. When you hire an attorney to negotiate for you, insurance companies often come up with more money. When you choose to hire a personal injury lawyer, look for one with a proven track record of good results. Substantial settlements are often the result of tough negotiations and thorough case preparation.

We Are Ready for Trial

Some attorneys try to avoid going to trial because it is too much work for them or they do not have enough confidence to fight and win on behalf of their clients. The lawyers at Buckman & Buckman, P.A. have a strong coutroom record and have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for members of our community who were injured in accidents. We are aggressive trial lawyers who are ready to take any case to court if that is what it takes to get results. The unique set of skills required for trial helps our ability to provide the high level of advocacy our clients need throughout their case.  

Increased Compensation

Studies have shown time and again that accident victims typically receive more money in settlements when they retain a personal injury lawyer. Whether you are looking to settle or take your case to trial, a knowledgeable Sarasota attorney can guide you through the legal process and fight for your interests. Remember, our firm never takes money from clients unless we also provide results. That means your investment in our services is low risk, but it can come with an extremely high reward.

Contact a Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer Today

At Buckman & Buckman, P.A., we know what it is like to feel frustrated and alone after an accident. We have spent years in the Sarasota community fighting for people in situations like yours. When someone else’s negligence leaves you injured, you should not be stuck with medical bills, insurance payments, and lost wages. You should be able to focus on recovery.

Our lawyers want to help you fight for the money you need so you can put your accident behind you and move forward. Contact us now for a free consultation and get the help you need today.