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    Sarasota Spine Injury Lawyers

    Spine Injury Lawyers

    Back and spine injuries are among the most serious injuries that people can suffer in accidents. It changes their lives and the lives of those around them. Due to medical expenses and the inability to work, the injury can lead to financial disaster – especially if the victim had been supporting a family.

    The experienced spinal injury lawyers of Buckman & Buckman, P.A., understand the challenges that back and spine injuries cause. That is why our family-run law firm has devoted our practice to fighting for the rights of injury victims. We aggressively seek the compensation that they and their loved ones deserve and ultimately need to move forward with their lives.

    Since 1998, we have provided skilled, aggressive and compassionate representation to clients throughout Sarasota and surrounding communities. Contact us and let us discuss how we can go to work for you, too. We can review your spine injury case today in a free consultation.

    Understanding Spine Injuries

    Spinal injuries are complex, and no two injuries are exactly the same. The severity of the injury often depends on the part of the spine which has suffered damage. Some of the more common injuries that our law firm sees are:

    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Spinal column injuries
    • Neuron damage
    • Disc damage
    • Nerve damage.

    A spinal injury can cause permanent loss of sensation and function below the point of the injury. Generally, the higher the point of injury, the more serious the damage will be. For instance, when the point of injury is low enough that only lower extremities are affected, it is generally referred to as paraplegia. On the other hand, when all four extremities are impacted (a person is unable to feel or move his or her legs and arms), this is called quadriplegia or tetraplegia.

    The severity of a spinal injury – and its impact on a person’s life – also depends on whether it is a “complete” or “incomplete” injury. A complete spinal injury is one that results in a complete loss of neural communication between the brain and the body below the point of damage. An incomplete injury is one that does not entirely halt function. Instead, a person may suffer from pain, neuropathy or lack of sensation, but the person will still have some residual function at or below the point of injury.

    Of course, even seemingly less serious injuries can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life. Other common back and spine injuries include:

    • Herniated or bulging discs
    • Muscle sprain or strain
    • Disc or spinal compression
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Whiplash
    • Torn muscles, ligaments or tendons.

    No matter what type of back or spine injury that you suffer, you can count on Buckman & Buckman to give your case the serious attention it deserves. We will always focus on what is important to you and pursue an outcome that directly addresses the harm that you have suffered through no fault of your own.

    Causes of Spinal Injury

    Someone else’s negligence often causes a person’s spine injuries. For instance, the following types of accidents can result in spine or back injuries:

    • Auto crashes – When a car accident happens, drivers and passengers may suffer a devastating blow to the spine or crushing injury. Likewise, the violent shaking motion of the impact can cause twisting injuries, fractures or compression injuries. Due to a lack of structural protection, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle riders involved in collisions with motor vehicles face a high risk of back or spine injury.
    • Falls – Slip and falls and falls from elevated levels are among the most common causes of back injuries. Even a simple slip and fall can tear muscles or result in bulging or herniated discs.
    • Physical assaults – In certain situations, a person may be physically assaulted and suffer back or spine injury due to a lack of adequate security. A motel owner, for instance, may have failed to put proper locks on doors or to set up a security system that prevented non-guests from entering the building.
    • Sports-related injuries – Inadequately trained, unqualified or negligent coaches, supervisors or trainers can allow preventable accidents and spine injuries to occur. In some situations, a person can suffer harm because a trainer or coach failed to respond properly to a back or spine injury or waited too long to get medical treatment for an injury victim.

    No matter how your spine injury happened, the personal injury attorneys of Buckman & Buckman will know how to determine who should be held responsible and will identify all sources of compensation available to you. Even though we cannot undo the harm that you have suffered, we believe that we can make a difference in your life by pursuing all compensation you are entitled to receive.

    Compensation for Spine Injuries

    No attorney can guarantee you a specific amount of compensation. Simply too many variables exist. However, our law firm will work hard to make sure that you are not stuck with the astronomical costs and effects of a serious spinal injury. You may be entitled to compensation for:

    • Past and future medical bills
    • Lost income and reduction of future earning ability
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Punitive damages (designed to punish or deter future misconduct in limited and extreme circumstances)

    In some cases, a person’s spinal injuries may be so severe that he or she dies as a result. When this happens, loved ones may have a right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party.

    At Buckman & Buckman, our goal will be to secure a timely, full and fair settlement of your claim. We realize that timing may be highly important to you, and that you may simply want to move past this traumatic chapter in your life as soon as possible. At the same time, we will be ready to take your case to trial. Our highly skilled litigators know how to put strong, persuasive cases before juries and fight for what our clients deserve.

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