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    Hit by an Uninsured Driver

    Hit by an Uninsured Driver

    Every driver on the road is supposed to have car insurance. Drivers who don’t are breaking the law. It’s that simple.

    Unfortunately, it happens more often that you’d think. In Florida, 23% of all drivers are uninsured, according to a report by the Insurance Research Council. That’s almost one in four people behind the wheel. Consider that the next time you’re sitting at a stop light and looking at the drivers around you. At least a few of them shouldn’t be behind the wheel. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, you need a lawyer experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

    How to Protect Yourself When You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver

    Always carry uninsured motorist insurance (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance.

    It’s added coverage that you pay extra for, but it’s well worth it.

    If you are hit by an uninsured driver, UM insurance will cover the expenses that the at-fault driver should be paying. Without Uninsured Motorist Insurance, you’re hoping that everyone around you on the road is taking responsibility in case they crash into you. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Carrying UM insurance BEFORE an accident happens is the only way to control the financial outcome of an accident. We recommend purchasing it in an amount that is at least three times your annual income. Your health insurance will not pay for pain and suffering.

    What To Do When Your Own Insurance Company Won’t Pay

    In some cases, your insurance company will refuse to pay your legitimate UM claims. That’s when you need to call Buckman and Buckman, P.A., right away, so we can build your case in an effective way that will help you get the settlement you deserve. Here’s what you should do:

    1. Stop any further negotiations with your insurance company.
    2. Gather up detailed records and proof of your out of pocket expenses so our attorney can examine them.
    3. Document your medical conditions with photos and/or video, especially if you have difficulty walking.
    4. Give us a list of possible witnesses so we can take their statements before the insurance company records their testimony.

    If you’ve been hit by an uninsured driver and hurt in a car accident, you should talk to a Sarasota car accident lawyer immediately. For a free case evaluation contact us at Buckman and Buckman, P.A., at (941) 923-7700, or fill out our online case review form. We promise to make your case our priority.