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    When you chose a nursing home, you expected that the facility would treat your loved one with the care, attention and respect that he or she deserves. Now, you may suspect that the facility has failed to meet those basic expectations and has caused your loved one to suffer serious physical and emotional harm. You should seek help as soon as possible from an experienced Sarasota nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.

    Our legal team at Buckman & Buckman, P.A., is here to help. Since 1998, we have provided the skilled and aggressive legal representation that families need to confront nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health aides who have mistreated their loved ones. You will work directly with a lawyer – not a paralegal or assistant – who will take immediate steps to protect your loved one and pursue all compensation that your family is due.

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    How Do You Recognize Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

    Unfortunately, your loved one may be unable to report abuse or neglect. For instance, he or she may suffer from a condition such as Alzheimer’s disease which makes it impossible for your loved one to tell you what has happened. Your loved one may also stay silent because he or she fears retaliation.

    For this reason, you should look for potential signs of nursing home abuse and neglect when you visit with your loved one. Those signs include:

    Physical Abuse

    • Flinching when in the presence of staff members or other residents
    • Bruises, cuts or other marks with similar shapes and patterns
    • Friction burns on the ankles or wrists (possibly from restraints)
    • Symptoms that indicate they are not receiving proper medication (perhaps due to theft of the medication – a growing problem today in Florida nursing homes).

    Emotional Abuse

    • Sudden onset of anxiety or depression
    • Withdrawn, silent or unusual behavior
    • Avoidance of certain staff members or fellow home residents
    • Difficulty with sleeping.

    Sexual Abuse

    • Bruises or marks in the breast, buttock or genital areas
    • Vaginal or anal bleeding
    • Development of a sexually transmitted disease
    • Avoidance of certain staff members or other residents
    • Other behavioral changes.


    • Lack of hygiene or proper personal care
    • Unwashed clothes and bedding
    • Signs of dehydration such as dry, flaky skin
    • Signs of malnutrition such weight loss
    • Injuries from falls.

    Financial exploitation can also occur when an elderly loved one lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or if they receive care from a home health aide. Suspicious bank activity or missing items such as jewelry or other valuables should raise red flags.

    What Should You Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

    If you have any reason to suspect that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home in Sarasota or elsewhere in Florida, you should report your concerns right away. Of course, if you believe that he or she faces an imminent threat of harm, you should immediately call 911. Otherwise, you should take steps such as the following: 

    • File a report with the facility. You should report the abuse or neglect to the facility’s administrator. You should do so in writing so that you can document the date of your report and the nature of the mistreatment that you have reported.
    • Report the abuse or neglect to state officials. You should also report the abuse or neglect through the Florida Abuse Hotline – especially if the facility ignores or fails to address your concerns. You can call 1-800-96-ABUSE or file a report online at the Florida Department of Children and Families website.
    • Contact a lawyer. Don’t wait to call or reach Buckman & Buckman through our online contact form. We will protect your loved one, and we will help you to get through the initial stages of reporting the suspected abuse or neglect.

    Why Should You Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

    Law enforcement officers as well as state and federal officials can investigate reported nursing home abuse and neglect. Their investigation can lead to fines, changes in the home’s policy and practices and, in the worst cases, closure of the facility. However, their investigation will not lead to compensation for the medical expenses, physical pain, emotional distress and other harm that your loved one and your family have endured. You will need to work with an attorney to address those issues.

    At Buckman & Buckman, we will provide the skilled legal representation and highly personalized attention that you need. We will identify and pursue all of your legal options and pursue the best possible outcome for you and your loved one, including the recovery of just compensation for your damages.

    When you work with our nursing home abuse attorneys, you can expect:

    • Personalized attention. You will meet face-to-face with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney from our firm at the start of your case. Your attorney will also give you regular updates, return your calls and answer all of your questions. You will never be left in the dark.
    • A thorough investigation. We will conduct an independent investigation of what happened to your loved one, including reviewing documents such as the admission agreement, care plan, facility records and medical records. We can also review video evidence and interview witnesses. We will consult with highly qualified medical and elderly care experts as well. In your loved one’s case, we may determine that one or more factors contributed to your loved one’s harm such as:
      • Negligent hiring, training and supervision
      • Inadequate staffing levels
      • Poor facility maintenance
      • Negligent security
      • Lack of proper facility policies and procedures.
    • Comprehensive service. We have the experience and the resources to handle many other matters related to your nursing home abuse lawsuit. For instance, you may need help with estate planning issues such as a living will (advance / health care directive), durable power of attorney and/or health care surrogate documentation.

    Our law firm accepts all nursing home injury cases on a contingency fee basis. So, you will not pay a fee to us unless we secure money for you. Our fee will reflect an agreed-upon percentage of any settlement or court award that we obtain on your behalf.

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    nursing home abuse lawyerBuckman & Buckman, P.A., is a family-run law firm that serves individuals and families in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port and surrounding areas in Florida. We know how the entire family suffers when one members suffers injury due to the wrongdoing of another. We will be by your side, fighting for you through every step of your case.  If you believe that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of nursing home, assisted living facility or home health aide, contact us for immediate help.

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