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Communication with your Attorney

Video Transcript:

More than anything, I think clients deserve communication with their attorney. I think a lot of attorneys feel like they’re really busy and the communication is the hardest part. What we believe clients deserve is that full, honest, and open communication. You’re always gonna meet with us in person. You’re not gonna meet with a paralegal, you’re not going to meet with a secretary. We’re gonna call you. We’re gonna call you with things that come up throughout the case, we’re gonna keep you informed of what’s going on with the case, and we always encourage people, “If you have any questions, not just in our consultations, but just day-to-day, give us a call.” And we talk to our clients every day just on little things that come up that maybe they have a question about. And I think that’s a different experience that our clients have than other people have with their attorneys. And I think that clients truly deserve that type of honest communication.