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More Than One Lawyer on Your Case

Generally, you’re kind of assigned a lawyer and that’s who you work with. Here we have four, sometimes five, of us working on your case at one time. And that is very beneficial for clients.

Because first of all, more than one brain is always helpful. We can play ideas off of each other. We can help when someone’s bogged down with something. We can step in because we know the case. We’re familiar with what’s going on and we can take over.

So it’s kind of…you’re getting four to five brains for the price of one. And I think that that’s…it’s an unusual thing. So that definitely works to your clients’ benefit. They can call any of us. They can email any of us. They always have all of our information.

We always…it’s always funny because they’ll leave the office, and we’ll give them four business cards. And they’re like, “What am I supposed to do with all these?” But, you know, it’s good, because we want them to understand that they can call any of us or email us at any time, and we’re happy to help.